Shotgun Seamstress no. 8


Shotgun Seamstress is a zine by, for, and about black punks, queers, feminists, outsider artists, and muscians. This issue of Shotgun Seamstress contains lots of good stuff including an article about a trip to Nigeria to see family and a query about if there are punks and sharing an exploration of Nigerian culture through discussions of culture through okada boys, and Charly Boy, an interview with Wizard Apprentice, thoughts on Taquila Mockingbird revisited, Kids doing the noise making thing: Mark Edwards of Cellular Chaos,a late night rant on the day of the Walter Scott Murder, Pay It No Mind: The Life and Times of Martha P. Johnson, a Geretta Geretta interview, and a piece on black and brown punk shows with Monika Estrella Negra. There are also these beautiful full page collages of words and images interspersed throughout the zine that are nice spots to rest between thoughtful pieces.

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